Solved! A Better Way to Approach Problem Solving 2-Day Workshop Series – Spring 2018 @ Hampton Inn and Conference Center
Feb 7 @ 9:00 am
Solved! A Better Way to Approach Problem Solving 2-Day Workshop Series – Spring 2018 @ Hampton Inn and Conference Center | Colchester | Vermont | United States

Facilitated by: Christian Courtemanche, Math & Science Instructional Coach –MMMUSD & Regional Professional Developer

Dates: February 7 & March 28, 2018

8:30 registration, 9:00-3:30  breakfast and lunch included

Target Audience: Grades 2-5 educators and coaches interested in developing a more robust pedagogy around problem solving in their math workshop.

Description: Participants will be guided to develop deeper understandings for the role and purpose of problem solving in a curriculum, the connection between problem solving and the Common Core State Standards, and how to use problem solving to boost student interest and engagement in math and performance on SBAC performance tasks. Over the two sessions, teachers will collect and develop 3-ACT Problem Solvers to use in their classrooms, explore how to best adapt current problems from within their existing programs, and reflect on implementation of these richer problems with their own students.

Session #1: Changing our Paradigms about Problem Solving
· Why is rich problem solving such a critical component of 21st century math education?
· How is rich problem solving different than the story problems found throughout most programs?
· Where is problem solving in the CCSSM Standards?
· Understand and use the 3-Act model for problem solving developed by Dan Meyer (TedTalk), and expanded upon for primary grades by Graham Fletcher
· Collect and develop Problem Solvers to use in your own classrooms, connected to current unit understandings

Session #2: Taking the Next Steps in Problem Solving
· Where does this fit? Embedding problem solving in regular routines and curriculum mapping
· When helping hurts: How to best support students when they are stuck
· Meaningful extensions: How to best expand problem solving for students who excel
· Is it just about the right answer? Assessment & feedback with problem solving
· Problem Solving Climate: Building positive attitudes toward problem solving

Solved! Problem Solving Flyer
Solved! Problem Solving Flyer
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About our Facilitator: Christian Courtemanche is the Chittenden East District Math and Science Instructional Coach and has been teaching Math Menu for Differentiated Instruction since 2013 as a graduate course. One of CVEDC’s most popular courses, Christian will work on extending these strategies so that teams and leaders can work on fine-tuning a menu model throughout their schools, based on the success of current implementers.