Math Lab School-Language, Concept & Fluency: Deeper Learning of Mathematics

Math Lab School-Language, Concept & Fluency: Deeper Learning of Mathematics

July 23, 2018 – July 27, 2018 all-day
Main Street MS
VT 05602
$975 w/out credit $1350 with optional grad credit from St. Michael’s college All costs include materials and breakfast
Math Lab School-Language, Concept & Fluency: Deeper Learning of Mathematics @  Main Street MS | Montpelier | Vermont | United States

Instructor: Professor Mahesh Sharma

Target Audience: K-4 educators and special educators

Dates: July 23-27, 2018   Time: 8:00 – 4:00 pm

When so many children have difficulty in learning mathematics, it is important for teachers to know how children learn mathematics, why learning problems occur and what they can do to help children learn mathematics more effectively. This 3-credit graduate course is guided by learning theories, special education, mathematics teaching and learning, and clinical practice in working with children and adults with learning problems in mathematics.

The Math Lab School concept involves teaching educators in a real classroom with real children! The teachers start off by observing Professor Sharma’s work with individual children in small and large groups. Next, teachers work with the children (observed by Professor Sharma). In addition, there are daily lectures, demonstrations, presentations and case study discussions. Finally, each teacher participant will pair with a partner to prepare a comprehensive report for one child based on prescribed elements of diagnosis, remediation and readings. (more info online) The topics covered in this course will include:
· Cognitive Development & Mathematics Learning
· Mathematics as a Second Language
· Mathematics Learning Personality
· Role of prerequisite skills in mathematics in mathematics learning
· Developmental milestones in mathematics learning

Professor Mahesh Sharma is the Founder and President of the Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics (CT/LM, 1979) located in Framingham and Wellesley, Massachusetts and Berkshire Mathematics (1990) in Reading, England. read more


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