Champlain Valley Educator Development Center (CVEDC) members are from Northwestern and Western Vermont (Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties). CVEDC consists of 16 supervisory unions, and provides educational services to over 35,000 students, or almost 40% of the total PreK-12 student population of Vermont. Educators from around the state of Vermont come to our events and courses with very positive experiences.

Our Mission

CVEDC’s mission is school improvement through quality professional learning. The goals of the organization are:

  • to research, identify and implement best practices that result in enhanced learning, development and student performance
  • to create a strong network of professionals who can work collaboratively across school districts to support young people and their families;
  • to build capacity of The Center by nurturing the growth and development of local practitioners who can provide high quality professional development for the region;
  • to provide leadership and support to school districts as they develop and sustain their own professional development systems;
  • to provide support and development for regional leaders, both administrators and teachers and build leadership capacity;
  • and to secure financial and human resources necessary to sustain and advance the mission of the Center.

CVEDC Board of Directors

  • Caitlin Steele, ACSD
  • Sheila Soule, ANWSD
  • Stephanie Phillips, BSD
  • Christian Courtemanche, CESU
  • Jeff Evans, CVSD
  • Gwen Carmolli, CSD Treasurer
  • Beth Cobb, EWSD
  • Shannon Warden, MRUSD
  • Beth O’Brien, FNESU
  • Kosha Patel, FNWSU
  • Linda Keating, FWSU President
  • Megan Grube, GISU
  • Catrina DiNapoli, MAUSD Secretary
  • Tammy Boone, MTSD
  • Michael Martin, SBSD
  • Kirsten Kollgaard, WSD
  • Lauren Wooden, CVEDC Executive Director

Members at Large

  • Erin  Maguire, Special Education Director