Shrink the Curriculum: Prioritizing What We Teach and Assess-Video Access @ Stand-alone, Asynchronous Workshop
Sep 29 all-day
Shrink the Curriculum: Prioritizing What We Teach and Assess-Video Access @ Stand-alone, Asynchronous Workshop

Andrew Jones, Ed.D. 

Stand-alone Asynchronous Workshop

Cost: $100 – for 2 taped sessions and accompanying slides for a 3 month period of your choosing ending June 30, 2022

Contact CVEDC for more information:

Target Audience: Grades K-12 Educators, Principals, Curriculum Leaders, Instructional Coaches

Earlier in 20-21 this series was attended and videotaped. It is now available for access with 2 taped sessions and accompanying slides. There is simply too much to teach within any given academic year. The constraints of the current pandemic are also making it a challenge to fit in everything we once could. Attempting to “cover the content” and rushing through units is just not sustainable. A breadth over depth approach does not benefit students and ultimately is futile. This workshop (two half-day sessions) focuses on the concept of a “guaranteed and viable curriculum” and how to prioritize what we teach, with the recognition that we have to let go of some of our content. By going deeper with certain concepts and providing students the time to meet proficiency, we can promote higher levels of achievement.

Participants will:
• Be able to recognize the shortcomings of a “breadth over depth” curricular mentality
• Understand the importance of a guaranteed and viable curriculum
• Become familiar with a process for prioritizing performance indicators and learning targets to “shrink” the curriculum

Andrew Jones is the director of curriculum for Mill River Unified Union School District in Clarendon, Vermont. He is also the current president of the Vermont Curriculum Leaders Association (VTCLA). Prior to being a district administrator, Andrew taught high school earth science at Mt. Abraham UHS in Bristol, where he was awarded a Rowland Fellowship in 2015. Andrew is passionate about improving education systems to better meet the needs of ALL students, which means challenging some of the dominant conceptualizations about teaching and learning.


VTCLA 2021-2022 Membership @ Capitol Plaza and Zoom
Sep 29 all-day
VTCLA  2021-2022 Membership @ Capitol Plaza and Zoom | Montpelier | Vermont | United States

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The Vermont Curriculum Leaders Association is a professional organization focused on effective teaching and learning practices in Vermont schools and school systems. VTCLA partners with agencies, organizations, policy makers, and educators to provide expertise, leadership, and advocacy regarding issues of curriculum, instruction and assessment to enhance learning in Vermont’s schools.

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