Making Legally Compliant and Student-Centered Decisions as an LEA: A virtual mini-series @ ONLINE -Zoom platform
Oct 13 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Serving as LEA at IEP and Evaluation Meetings
A virtual mini-series Co-facilitated by: Erin Maguire, EWSD Director of Equity, Diversity& Inclusion and
Heather T. Lynn, Attorney w/ Lynn, Lynn,Blackman & Manitsky, P.C.

Dates: 10/13, 10/20, 10/27
 9 – 10 am
Location: ONLINE -Zoom platform  *invitation will be sent to Registered participants.


Target Audience: Principals & Educators Serving as LEA Reps
Every IEP and evaluation meeting requires an LEA representative for the school district (Local Education Agency). This 3-part series will help to identify the role and responsibilities of acting as an LEA.

Session I
• Who can be an LEA? Can I?
• Introduction to LEA Responsibilities
• FAPE: The Legal Constructs

Session II
• ChildFind and Evaluation
• Independent Evaluations
• Evaluations that lead to quality IEPs

Session III
• The IEP
• Relevant case law in LEA decision making
• Meeting Facilitation

Making Legally Compliant & Student Centered Decisions As LEA
Making Legally Compliant & Student Centered Decisions As LEA
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As a special education director and Director of Equity, Erin Maguire has had years of experience in the LEA role and has trained principals for LEA roles. Heather Lynn counsels Vermont public school districts and supervisory unions, semi-independent schools and Vermont colleges and universities on a variety of issues including student discipline, student disability/special education law, and civil liability.