The Mindful Anti-Racist Cohort for White Educators @ Zoom Online
Sep 23 @ 3:15 pm – 4:45 pm

Facilitated by Annie O’Shaughnessy

9 monthly sessions – 90 minutes after school Thursdays


Sept 23, 2021, Oct 21, 2021, Nov 18, 2021, Dec 16, 2021, Jan 20, 2022, Feb 17, 2022, Mar 17, 2022, April 28, 2022, May 19, 2022

Time: 3:15 – 4:45 pm    **15-hour recertification cert**

Location: ZOOM

Target Audience: Educators K-12

Using restorative practices to build a brave space, we will meet to apply mindfulness principles and practices to our journeys as anti-racist educators with the goal of developing discomfort resilience surfacing:
• implicit bias
• fears of “getting” it wrong,
• gaps in our knowledge,
• and racial identity development awareness.


Meeting monthly, we will seek to cultivate the courage, discernment, and vulnerability needed to “dare greatly”, as Brené Brown says; to use our power and privilege to speak out, educate, and lead in this country’s journey towards racial justice and equity.

As part of this cohort, you will be asked to read one article or book excerpt per month.

Mindful Anti-Racist Flyer
Mindful Anti-Racist Flyer
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Annie O’Shaughnessy developed True Nature Teaching, after extensive training and research in Mindfulness, Restorative and Trauma Informed Practices and their impact on education. After decades as a classroom teacher, Annie has been running workshops and courses in Vermont and nationally since 2017 that are lauded as critical learning for every educator. A “wonderful, passionate, supportive teacher” her goal always, is to create brave spaces for educators to learn and grow.

Her dedication to anti-racism began after a multi-day training with Paul Gorski and strengthened during her year-long experience in the Transformative Educational Leadership program. Equally important to her expertise in mindfulness and restorative practices, Annie brings vulnerability and authentic partnership to the cohort journey.

When she is not busy developing the Holistic Restorative Education Certificate Program at Saint Michael’s and serving schools, she is enjoying time with her husband and dog Molly in Underhill, Vermont.