Youth Voice and Youth-Adult Partnership/Professional Development Series @ Hampton Inn & Conference Center
Feb 5 @ 9:00 am
Youth Voice and Youth-Adult Partnership/Professional Development Series @ Hampton Inn & Conference Center | Colchester | Vermont | United States

Facilitated by Helen Beattie and Harry Frank

Target Audience: Middle and High School Educators, Educational Leaders, Students for March dates

Dates: February 5, 2019-Educators
            March 19, 2019 High School focus – Educator/Student Teams -or-
            March 21, 2019 Middle School focus – Educator/Student Teams

Hours: 8:30 registration  9 -3:30 pm (breakfast and lunch included)  *March dates end at 2:30 pm

* You will be asked for your choice of MS or HS when you complete the registration form at the bottom of the page. If you are part of a team, please list “Adult #2”  in the comment box, “Other things we should know”.  Student names are not required at the time of registration. 

Your Choice of: 

Quaglia & Up for Learning series: $ 650 includes Feb 4 with Russ Quaglia (3 days total: 2/4, 2/5 &  either 3/19 HS or 3/21 MS)

UP for Learning Series only:

$ 400  Feb 5 & either March 19 HS or 21 MS  per adult participant (2 days)             -or-

$ 900/Team of 2 adults/2 students) for Up for Learning Series:  Feb 5 and either March 19 HS or 21 MS -students only attend March date -2 days total per adult/1 day for student

NOTE:  for Educators who are part of a team registration and want to also go to Quaglia, please register ALSO HERE.

*This series can be linked to Russ Quaglia and Lisa Lande’s session the day before and is a natural progression for teams wanting to continue with opportunities for student/adult partnership – including a session with students. Presenter joint planning will support a seamless transition between sessions.  

If you are registering for the Russ Quaglia day only – Go HERE TO REGISTER QUAGLIA

February 5, 2019 
Introduction & Overview of Structures and Practices for Implementation

We will explore why it is particularly important at this time in Vermont’s history to build school cultures where we “listen to, learn from and lead with” our students in order to fulfill the promise of personalization and proficiency-based learning.  In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn protocols for amplifying youth voice and youth-adult partnership in learning and decision making, and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of students and teachers in personalizing learning.  

March 19, 2019  High school -or- March 21, 2019 
Middle School  Working Together in High School and Middle School *includes student participants

These workshops will model the process of elevating youth voice and building youth-adult partnership in our schools.  

Using developmentally appropriate tools, we will facilitate protocols that promote dialogue and build a shared vision, assess progress, set goals and identify next steps. Participants will engage in activities from UP for Learning initiatives along with strategies from similar initiatives across the country and around the globe.

Teams will end each session understanding the roles and responsibilities of young people and their adult partners in learning and school change.

Note: Participants are encouraged to attend in youth-adult teams.  We suggest that teams be made up of youth who represent the diversity of your school community.

“Of course, educators bring a wealth of professional expertise to school redesign efforts: a systems level perspective, a wide array of skills accrued over time and responsiveness to change over time. Less understood is the fact that young people hold a perspective of the learning experience adults cannot fully fathom. They are highly invested in shaping the world that will hold their life story and they possess a deep desire to make a difference now. Young people have the wisdom, creativity, and proven capacity to partner in school remodeling efforts, ensuring its integrity.

For youth, working closely with adults toward shared goals seeds the skills and confidence for lifelong learning and civic engagement. For adults, working closely with youth creates the opportunity to learn from the insights and unique perspectives of youth, often renewing their professional sense of purpose and shifting teaching toward more student-centered practices.”

Beattie, Helen., Rich, Martha. (2018). Youth-Adult Partnership: The Keystone to Transformation

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UP for Learning has worked with 60 Vermont high schools and 41 Vermont middle schools over the past 12 years. 

About the FacilitatorsHelen Beattie is the founder and Executive Director of UP for Learning (Unleashing the Power of Partnership for Learning). Her seemingly eclectic professional and academic life course has woven itself into the creation of UP for Learning. It reflects a life-long passion for elevating the voices of those who feel disempowered and voiceless, either in the health or education realms.

 Harry Frank joined the staff at UP for Learning in July. It’s really a homecoming for him as he worked with UP in its early years, and will again focus on Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST). He brings extensive experience to his new role, having served as Chairperson of the UP Board of Directors.