Mindset Matters in the Math Classroom/A three-day workshop with 2 credit option @ Hampton Inn Conference Center
Jun 23 @ 9:00 am – Jun 25 @ 9:15 am
Mindset Matters in the Math Classroom/A three-day workshop with 2 credit option @ Hampton Inn Conference Center | Colchester | Vermont | United States

Facilitator: Karen Lehning, FWSU Math Teacher Leader

Dates:  June 23, 24, 25, 2020  Time: 9:00 am – *3:00 pm *4:30 if taking for credit *syllabus contains additional 2 credit course requirements, including 3 online asynchronous hours.

(includes light breakfast & lunch)

Target Audience:  K-6 Math Instructors including special educators

This 3-day workshop will explore the impact of both teacher and student mindset on the math classroom.  We will explore current research on growth mindset and how mindset impacts students’ beliefs about mathematics.  

We will dive into rich mathematical tasks and explore activities that will engage students in meaningful learning opportunities.  Participants will leave this workshop with resources they can use to create a math classroom that supports a growth mindset.
Participants will:

  • Review research that support the implementation of practices that encourage a growth mindset in the math classroom.
  • Evaluate and assess their own mindset to uncover beliefs and assumptions about mathematics.
  • Design a series of activities that will move students toward a growth mindset.

All participants should read Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching by Jo Boaler prior to the first meeting. It will be sent to you at your school shortly after registration. This book will provide the background for our work and participants will be digging into and discussing Boaler’s research throughout the workshop. 

Participants taking it for 2 graduate credit: In addition to attending the 3-day series & additional hours, you will be expected to create a growth mindset resource guide that can be used in your math classroom.  The final resource guide will include a series of growth mindset activities and math problems what will be designed to shift students’ mindset. Course participants will write a short reflection on their own shift in mindset as a result of the readings and course discussions. See syllabus online.

Text: Boaler, J., & Dweck, C.s. (2015). Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing students’ potential through creative math, inspiring messages and innovative teaching.

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Math Mindset Syllabus
Math Mindset Syllabus
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Karen Lehning is currently a math specialist at the Georgia Elementary and Middle School.  She has been an educator for 16 years, both as an elementary classroom teacher and math leader. read more…

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