Dr. Russell Quaglia: Understanding the Dynamics of Student Voice and Aspirations @ Hampton Inn & Conference Center
Feb 4 @ 9:00 am

Dr. Russell Quaglia: Understanding the Dynamics of Student Voice and Aspirations

with Dr. Lisa Lande   

Target Audience: Educators, Educational Leaders and Partners

Date: February 4, 2019

Hours: 8:30 registration 9:00-3:30 light breakfast and lunch included along with book,  Quaglia & Corso: Student Voice: The Instrument of Change   

This engaging, hands-on, action-oriented session will be led by two of the leading Student Voice experts in the country.
The Aspirations Framework and the Student Voice Model brings coherence to the sometimes disparate efforts of schools to create a healthy teaching and learning environment. Whether we are ready for it or not, students have something to teach us. Educators must stop being fearful of what they don’t know and be willing to listen to, learn from, and lead with our students. 

In this full-day session, data will be shared that has been collected by the Quaglia Institute from tens of thousands of students and the implications that data has regarding the role of educators and policy makers, how schools are organized, and how we assess the teaching and learning environment.The fundamental belief that drives this work is that we can and must learn from students if we are to ensure all students are reaching their fullest academic, personal and social potential.

Look for more information about a tandem spring series with Vermont’s Up for Learning team to continue learning and partnering with youth!

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