CVEDC *Thought Partners Series 2019-20: Innovative Leadership: Merging Equity and Innovation into Schools that Transform Learning @ Hampton Inn Conference Center
Jan 24 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
CVEDC *Thought Partners Series 2019-20: Innovative Leadership: Merging Equity and Innovation into Schools that Transform Learning @ Hampton Inn Conference Center | Colchester | Vermont | United States

A CVEDC-subsidized event!

Co-facilitated by Pam Moran, Senior Philosophy and Policy Advisor and Ira Socol, Senior Provocateur and Learning Environment Specialist of Socol-Moran Partners

Dates: January 24, 2020, April 29, 2020, September 18, 2020 Time: 9:00 – 3:30 pm

Location: Hampton Event Center, Colchester, VT

Cost: Team Price $300 per person for 3-day series (includes lunch and book) 3 person minimum   Individuals $500 for 3- day series (a CVEDC-subsidized event)

Text: Timeless Learning by Ira Socol, Pam Moran and Chad Ratliff 

Target Audience: District Lead Learning Teams

Day I Observation and Design: Human-sensitive Learning (UX +UI) designing learning experiences with the empowerment grid (empowerment theme) – this allows leadership teams (admins and teachers) to begin collecting information about learners’ user experiences in schools / observing how user interface is configured and used to create the experiences learners need and desire: learning spaces, cultural elements, continuum of tools and resources, time, and practices.

Day II Imagination and Innovation: Powering up Learning – Development and use of strategies to create and sustain an engagement and equity mindset framework that builds and expands design elements from project work identified in Day I to support deeper, human-sensitive learning across K-12 school
environments (learner voice, agency, influence theme).

Day III Zero-based Thinking and Tactical Processes: 4 Ps – analyzing current and desired state through a strategic and tactical focus that supports teams to reimagine and remake schools as homes of opportunity for every child by aligning
philosophy, policy, professional expectations, and practices. This will extend project
work from Day I and II that is being developed in schools/districts to ensure that a research and development logic model leads to the learner user experiences for all that teams have worked on throughout the process (equity theme).

Personalized learning plans will be building blocks for next design steps
• Each session will bring an idea from the innovation stage to systemic change
• The process will engage teams in moving from pockets of excellence to a focus on systemic change
• Teams will cross-pollinate and network to build resource and idea-sharing together
• Teams will engage with the five empowerment grid elements to create an innovation zone

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A CVEDC Thought Partner Series is a venue for collaborative work with regional partners. Thought Partners:
– Challenge your thinking.
– Cause you to modify or change your paradigms, assumptions or actions.
– Has information/a way of thinking that provokes you to innovate or otherwise leads to value creation in your business, career or life.

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