Assessment Architecture: Ensuring Valid & Reliable Measurement of Proficiencies

Assessment Architecture: Ensuring Valid & Reliable Measurement of Proficiencies

December 3, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Hampton Inn & Conference Center
Lower Mountain View Drive
VT 05446
CVEDC Members: $200 Non-members: $225 (includes book)
Assessment Architecture: Ensuring Valid & Reliable Measurement of Proficiencies @ Hampton Inn & Conference Center | Colchester | Vermont | United States

 Facilitators: Andrew Jones, Ed.D. & Jen Stainton, Ed.D.

Date:  December 3, 2019      Time: 8:30 registration 9:00-3:30 (light breakfast and lunch included) 

Includes book:  Essential Assessment: Six Tenets for Bringing Hope, Efficacy, and Achievement to the Classroom by Erkens, Vagle, and Schimmer (2017)

Target Audience: Grades K-12 Educators, Principals, Curriculum Leaders

 Description: How reliable and valid are your classroom assessments? Do they accurately measure student proficiency of content and skills? This workshop focuses on how to align both formative and summative assessments with specific proficiencies so as to accurately identify student strengths and weaknesses. In working toward better alignment, we often discover it necessary to tweak current assessments or create new ones, ultimately improving reliability and validity of grade data in the process.  In this workshop, participants will be introduced to an “Assessment Audit Tool,” and will use this tool to review and revise one of their own classroom assessments.

Participants will:

  • Recognize the issues with “legacy” assessment practices
  • Understand the process for ensuring that assessments are valid, reliable, and aligned with specific proficiencies
  • Learn about and be able to use the “Assessment Audit Tool” to refine current classroom assessments and align them with proficiencies
AssessmentWorkshop Flyer
AssessmentWorkshop Flyer
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Andrew Jones is currently the director of curriculum for Mill River Unified Union School District in Clarendon, Vermont.  Prior to being a district administrator, Andrew taught high school science at Mt. Abraham UHS in Bristol. Andrew is passionate about improving education systems to better meet the needs of ALL students, which means challenging the dominant conceptualizations about teaching and learning.
Jen Stainton, Ed.D. is a building-based Curriculum Coordinator for Woodstock Union High School and Middle School in Woodstock, Vermont.  Jen has 20 years of experience as a high school science teacher.  She is an education enthusiast who enjoys working with other educators to explore innovation and equity in our schools.

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