Curriculum Leadership Academy: Launching the Learning Year  New Start Date! 10/26

Curriculum Leadership Academy: Launching the Learning Year  New Start Date! 10/26

November 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am
CVEDC Classroom
Dupont Hall
123 Ethan Allen Ave, Colchester, VT 05446
$ 1475 – includes 3 grad. Credits & book
Curriculum Leadership Academy: Launching the Learning Year  New Start Date! 10/26 @ CVEDC Classroom | Colchester | Vermont | United States

Instructors/Facilitators: Stuart Weiss, Former South Burlington Schools Director of Learning and Linda Keating, FWSU Director of Curriculum
(October 2018 – May, 2019)       3 Graduate St. Michael’s Credits

Target Audience:  New and Aspiring Curriculum Leaders, Teacher Leaders

Dates: October 26(New Start Date), 2018, November 30, 2018, January 18, 2019, March 15, 2019, May 7, 2019

Hours: 9 -3:30 pm (includes light breakfast & Lunch) *Additional participation in online discussion and reflection on learning and growth required for course.

Text: Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems by Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn

The learning opportunities are designed to align with Michael Fullan’s four components of the Coherence Framework:
· Focused direction to build collective purpose;
· Cultivating collaborative cultures while clarifying individual and team roles;
· Deepening learning to accelerate improvement and foster innovation;
· Securing accountability from the inside out.

The sessions are structured to highlight and dig deeper into what drives and shapes a “successful and sustainable approach” to the work of curriculum leaders along the calendar year. Using an “experts in the field” approach, participants will connect with skilled practitioners who can speak to meeting the varied expectations of curriculum leaders across districts, along with the strengths of networking, systems design, improvement cycles, contemporary approaches to curriculum, instruction, and assessments, and communication. Participants will also have opportunities to address problems of practice, review resources, design solutions, and create responsive action plans that will lead to greater success.

Participants will receive guidance in the following areas:
· Vision and Systems-Design
· Relationship Building and Distributing Leadership
· Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Design
· Continuous Improvement Planning and Measuring Progress
· MTSS Models
· Professional Learning and Capacity building
· Grants Development and Management
· Contemporary Education Issues: Local, State, National Personalized learning
· Digitally-Powered Communication (including social media)

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SYLLABUS  Curriculum Leadership Academy
SYLLABUS Curriculum Leadership Academy
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Linda P. Keating has been active in Vermont education for four decades. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Vermont and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Psychology and a Masters in Education.

Stuart Weiss recently retired as the Director of Learning at the South Burlington School District.  Prior to that he was a building administrator and teacher. Stuart recently stepped down as the president of CVEDC. 

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