Bob Laird

Bob Laird is an instructor for the VMI courses on Statistics, Action Research and Inquiry into Effective Practice, a mentor of VMI teachers, and developer of materials for the teaching/learning strand of the VMI. In addition to his work at the VMI, Bob is co-author of Bringing Research to the Classroom: A Focus on Fractions (Petit, Laird, and Marsden, 2010) which communicates the cognitive research on how students develop their understandings of fraction concepts, common errors students make, and preconceptions and misconceptions that can interfere with students’ learning. He is also a co-leader and developer for the Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP), a comprehensive mathematics formative assessment system. Bob works with teachers, schools, districts, and district leadership in Vermont, across the country, and internationally to assist in systemic changes in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Prior to joining the VMI in 2006, Bob was a classroom teacher in grades 5-8 for over 20 years. He proudly graduated from the VMI in 2003!